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Here are a few examples of our Highlight Videos. Package 3 is just the Highlight Video alone. In Package 4 the Highlight Video is chapter one on your 75-minute DVD, followed by fourteen or so chapters of smoothly edited live footage. These chapters include Getting Ready, the Ceremony, your First Dance, etc. Everything is customizable to suit your unique vision. We look forward to hearing all the details about your Big Day!

Samantha and Peter


Marjorie and Javier


Divya and Riz


Quynh and Michael


Jennifer and Scott

I knew this was going to be a special wedding from the beginning and it surpassed my expectations. Jennifer is as electric with positivity as Scott is chill and friendly. These two couldn’t have missed meeting and falling in love if they had tried! With an all-star team of The Omni Hotel, Melissa Barrad from I Do…Weddings, Melissa McClure photographer extraordinaire, and DJ Bruce Battlseson running the show, this wedding was sure to have a kick and boy did it! Congratulations folks, and thanks so much for including us!


Sharde and Jon

Wow. This is a fierce love, with a story that stretches around the world. Sharde and Jon glow with love and admiration for each, and it’s so uplifting to witness. Melissa Barrad at I Do…Weddings and DJ Daniel Peterson shaped this very special event at Scripps Forum in La Jolla, California. It was an honor for us just to be there. All the best to you Sharde and Tucker!


Desirae and Justin

Mt. Woodson Castle looks like a dream, and these two lovers seem like they are born to be there. Desirae and Justin’s smiles light up the whole place. DJ Pat from Prodigy Music showed us how a pro does it, and everyone had a blast, including Crisp Video. Thanks Desirae and Justin!


Kelli and Lauren

Kelli and Lauren are the sweetest, nicest, coolest, funniest, most attractive people you’re going to meet. And they’re so in love! It was a beautiful day in every possible way. Big smiles, big tears, big hearts, big fun! This US Grant wedding was historic. CBS Channel 8 News sent a team to cover it, because it’s the first legally recognized same-sex wedding in San Diego, California since the repeal of Prop 8! The team at Crisp Video was incredibly honored to be included in this very important day, to take a stand for equality for all. And ya know what? These New Orleans folks can dance! The Second Line dance with Nawlins Jazz and the white umbrellas…just priceless. We love you two! Thank you!


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