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Here are a few examples of our Highlight Videos. Option 1 is just the Highlight Video alone. With Option 2 the Highlight Video is chapter one on your 40-minute DVD. With Option 3 the Highlight Video is Chapter One on your 90-minute DVD, followed by fourteen or so chapters of live footage smoothly edited. These chapters include Getting Ready, the Ceremony, your First Dance, etc. Everything is customizable to suit your unique vision. We look forward to hearing all the details about your Big Day!

Sharde and Jon

Wow. This is a fierce love, with a story that stretches around the world. Sharde and Jon glow with love and admiration for each, and it’s so uplifting to witness. Melissa Barrad at I Do…Weddings and DJ Daniel Peterson shaped this very special event at Scripps Forum in La Jolla, California. It was an honor for us just to be there. All the best to you Sharde and Tucker!


Desirae and Justin

Mt. Woodson Castle looks like a dream, and these two lovers seem like they are born to be there. Desirae and Justin’s smiles light up the whole place. DJ Pat from Prodigy Music showed us how a pro does it, and everyone had a blast, including Crisp Video. Thanks Desirae and Justin!

Patricia and Stephen

Patricia and Stephen are a gorgeous and super-sharp young couple. This day had everything: Beautiful church cereremony, The Prado in Balboa Park, The Air and Space Museum, great vibes, great time. All the best to you Patricia and Stephen!


Yvette and Blake

Crisp Video and Photography did both the, well, video and photography at this unique and touching wedding celebration. Yvette and Blake are wonderful to watch as they host their family and friends, always as a team. They loved their photos and video and we loved making them. Thanks folks!


Rosalinda and Luis

You just have to watch this.


 Sharaya and Tyler

Talk about a power couple! These two bright lights are ready to take on the world! Tyler is a high school football coach and Sharaya teaches dance. Great looking people with big smiles, surrounded by loyal friends and family, this wedding was a celebration to remember! It was an honor for the Crisp Video team to be there.


Kelli and Lauren

Kelli and Lauren are the sweetest, nicest, coolest, funniest, most attractive people you’re going to meet. And they’re so in love! It was a beautiful day in every possible way. Big smiles, big tears, big hearts, big fun! This wedding was historic. CBS Channel 8 News sent a team to cover it, because it’s the first legally recognized same-sex wedding in San Diego, California since the repeal of Prop 8! The team at Crisp Video was incredibly honored to be included in this very important day, to take a stand for equality for all. And ya know what? These New Orleans folks can dance! The Second Line dance with Nawlins Jazz and the white umbrellas…just priceless. We love you two! Thank you!


Rosie and Daniel

Rosie and Daniel were wonderful to be around. So kind to everyone and so in love. At the beautiful Carmel Mountain Ranch Country Club.


Bonnie and Ross

This is what it’s all about. This gorgeous couple would have found each other if they were born on opposite sides of the world. At the wonderful Orfila Winery.


Claudia and Jeremy

Claudia and Jeremy are really special people and this beautiful wedding was an honor for us to shoot. They’re both crazy talented, good-hearted,  and obviously attractive. Candela’s  on Coronado Island was the perfect setting for these two to make their life-long vows. What a pleasure!


Jennifer and Ryan

You gotta love it when everything just comes together. Jennifer and Ryan were warm and engaging from the first time I met them. The bond between them is so evident and beautiful. It was a pleasure to film from start to finish. Thanks for letting us be part of a perfect day!

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